Welcome to Woking Grange Online

This site was developed in dedication to the Woking Homes Orphanage and all the staff, girls and boys who

spent time there.

You'll find a great photo gallery of old photos and memories to share, and we always appreciate new ones too!

Be sure to pop along to our annual reunions! It's a great place for all the old Girls and Boys to meet up and share memories. For more information please visit our Reunion page.

Please be sure to use our Facebook page where you can chat to many of the girls and boys who

were once part of the home. You can discuss the past, display photos, and even organise events.

We also have a brand new forum where non Facebook users can chat, share photos and discuss the past.

If you have anything you would like us to display on site, then feel free to contact us either on the

Facebook page or using the form on the contact us page.

Upcoming Reunion

We invite all the old boys and girls of the home to join us again in 2018 at our annual Reunion.

This will be held on Saturday 6th October 2018, 4.30pm til midnight at Eastleigh Railway Institute, Eastleigh.

We thank you for your continued support!

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